When you live in West Africa…

  •  You spray mosquito spray and then sniff it. It might smell good. You never know until you try.


  •  You call bug spray mosquito spray.


  •  It’s only marginally frustrating to try 4 ATMs before you find one that will read your card AND actually has money in it.


  •  When a YouTube video starts streaming for a second, it seriously freaks you out and you just assume the internet is getting ready to go out.


  •  Getting a link to a video is like a care package getting lost in the mail. You know it’s gonna be great, but you know you’ll never see it.
  • 6. 90 degrees and 10% humidity during the day means you wear sweats at night.
  • The “blessings” you get from national friends for the New Year range from wishing you good health to professions of love for you and everything in between.


  •  You visit America and feel like all the hugging between genders is borderline inappropriate, but you don’t think see anything wrong with men walking down the street holding hands.


  •  When people understand English and are eavesdropping on your conversations, you add a lot of words like fuzzy into the conversation because there’s no way they know what that means.


  •  You ask things like, “are they more aggressive than normal?” in reference to the comments coming from the men on the street as you walk past and no one in your group finds the question odd.



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